Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bella The Kitty Made By My 6 Year Old Granddaughter!

My granddaughter, Gisele, started on this kitty over a year ago.  She is six years old.  She would do about 3 rows of knitting and stop and put it away.  She never gave up and I didn't push her.  If she saw I was knitting she would pull up her chair and grab her knifty knitter and start to knit.  This was a great project for a beginner and small child.  I would wrap the thread for her and she would do the knitting.  I did do the final sewing to put the kitty together, but she made all the parts.  I will introduce you to Bella!  She picked the name.  I am very proud of her and even more she is so proud of herself!  If anyone wants the pattern, just let me know!

This post is by Cynthia Dickerson


Tara said...

Oh, it's so cute! She will have to teach Addie how to knit.

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE! Any chance you could email me the pattern? I know I probably won't get around to it until I finally have a grandchild (hopefully in the next few years), but I LOVE that! It would also be a good toy for my current "babies"- our 2 dogs. Thank you so much for sharing!
Becky in NC