Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Video On Hair Bows for Pony Tails Out of Jeans Material

Jeans Pony Tail Elastics

CynSew Sewing

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Cut your material 6" wide by 17" in length.  Cut 2 if you are making two pony tail holders.
Draw two lines down the center of your material 2 1/2 inches from each side the full length.  Next, draw lines every 3/4 inch up to the center lines.  Do this on both sides of the fabric. 
Place both panels of material together and using a basting stitch, stitch down both center lines.  Now cut around the perimeter of your material with pinking shears.
Cut up each 3/4" marking to the center line.  Now you can remove your basting stitches and both panels are ready to sew.
Wrap this material around a elastic band, ( I use "Goody") and put a zipper foot (center position) on your sewing machine.  If you have a needle down option on your sewing machine, please engage.
Now sew the material around the elastic band.  Take your time and straighten out each section as you go.  I usually pull the elastic at the top and bottom as I sew.  This creates a straight line for your material to wrap around the elastic and it is easier to line up and sew. Over lap the ends a tiny bit and back stitch to finish.  For the jeans, you can leave as is, or wash and dry for the fuzzy look.  For regular material, I do not recommend you wash.  Just leave with the pinking shear edge.
Do not sew through the elastic or to close.  Just close enough so the elastic has room to move freely through the material. 
Author - Cynthia Dickerson 



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MomOf3 said...

Thank you so much for this great idea! I have lots of old jeans ready for a good recycling idea. These will be great for my daughter.