Monday, August 20, 2012

Janome CoverPro Machine "What The Inside Looks Like"

I decided to open up my Cover Pro machine because I was having some problems when first starting to sew.  When I would push on the floor pedal, I would have to manually take my hand and turn the hand wheel to get the machine to start sewing.  It has done this ever since I bought it. 

I opened up the machine and could feel the tightness when I turned the hand wheel.  I marked the two places that I oiled and immediately felt the machine loosen up when I continued to turn the handwheel.  I marked those special spots.  I also oiled a few other spots, but I am not a Janome repair person, so I will not recommend this to anyone else.  I usually oil where metal rubs against metal.  I also oil along any bars that slide up and down.  After I finshed and closed the machine back up, she now purrs.  When I push the pedal, she starts immediately.  I would say that yes our Janome Cover Pros also need some oil!!  You can click on the picture for an enlargement.  If you need any help, just let me know!
Author - Cynthia Dickerson


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia!
I agree with you, that many of the sewing machines that "don't need oiled", actually do need lubricated regularly, despite the instructions that come with them, that say you don't have to oil them. While there may be some magical formula that makes it so machines don't require the extra lubrication of oil, most of them will slow down (like yours), or even freeze up, if they are not lubricated with the proper oil. Many machines that are thrown out, or sold for parts, just need properly cleaned & oiled, and then they run like new! (At least like they are supposed to run when they are new.)
Becky in NC tumorfarmer

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cynthia! I fought with my Cover Pro for an hour an a half with just the symptoms you describe. It had a hard time getting started and I would turn the hand wheel.

I kept thinking: This needs some oil. But as others have pointed out, the manual doesn't say anything about oiling.

I Googled and found your post. Hooray -- even a picture to guide me! I am getting out my oil now to get my machine to purr.

Unknown said...

Thanks. Sorry, I live in Brazil and dont speak english.
Obrigada pelas suas informações sobre Janome Cover Pro. Elas muito me ajudaram e agora o seu site consta dos meus favoritos.