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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Should You Get Your Sewing Machine Cleaned?

I have been taking lessons for quite some time now on sewing machine repair.  I have decided to open a small repair shop in my home for cleanings and repairs.  My first jobs have been on my own machines and those of family and friends.  My what I have learned!!!  If anyone in my area needs sewing machine  repair work done, please contact me.  It will be treated like my very own machine!!

I have also been very particular on my machines, who works on them, and who uses them.  They are just like my babies and only get the very best of care.  Now, I know they will since they will be serviced by me.  I am very particular and know just how I want my sewing machines to run.  There was a lot to learn about cleaning, oiling, lubing, and tensions.  I have also learned how to set timings and do many repairs.  Most sewing machines are made so well, that repairs are usually minor unless it is a computer part.  I wanted to show you some pictures of my Janome 10,000.  It has never been serviced like I serviced it. I just love anything mechanical and have always liked getting my hands dirty!!

The first picture shows some fuss way down inside the machine after I removed the embroidery part of the machine.  The second picture just shows dirt and grime that has collected.  It sure looks like a lot of dirt to me.  I bet my service man never cleaned in here.  Men don't clean like women do!!!!

Here is the dirt that I found in it.  It had three straight pins in it, I swear I can't believe they were mine!!  I am just so careful, but they were in there.  I removed the embroidery section of the machine and really got down into the mechanics of the machine.  It sure runs quiet and smooth now!!  She is purring like a kitten!!

Author - Cynthia Dickerson


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