Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Florida Bound to a Gymnastics Competition!!

I am going to Florida for a few days with Tara, my oldest daughter and two of her girls.  My granddaughter, who is seven, is competing in a gymnastic competition.  She takes lessons and is on a gym team.  They practice three hours every night after school.  She just loves it!!  It is amazing what she has learned and can do!! 

I have not flown for years and not sure even what I can take or not take.  I am on the Internet trying to see if I can find a list.  I just looked at the weather and it is suppose to snow on Thursday and that is when we are leaving.  Oh gosh, I hope this won't be a problem.

I have been trying to figure out some things to cook for my husband to eat while I am gone.  I made spaghetti yesterday and I made up three plates for him and froze them so he can just pop them in the microwave.  Tonight I made a yummy soup and I filled three bowls up and I am sticking them in the freezer.  Tomorrow morning I will take them out of the freezer and remove them from the bowls by setting them in a bowl of water.   They loosen up very quickly and then I just wrap them up.  Then all he has to do is pull one out of the freezer and put it into a bowl and stick it in the microwave.

My husband said, I am making things to easy for him.  He said, he would appreciate me more if he had to fend for himself.  Sooo, I guess I am not going to worry any more about him.  He needs to miss me a little!!
Here are some pictures of the soup that I made and how I wrapped them up.  This is a great way to save leftovers for a rainy day, or a day when you are just to busy to cook.

Now I had to get very specific with Dave that he needs to put the frozen soup back in a bowl.  I could just see him microwaving the package and soup all over in my microwave.

  One time I had to go away and I had my pressure cooker cooking on the stove.  I asked Dave if he could turn this off when the timer rang and he said sure.  Well the timer rang and he did exactly what I told him to do, he turned the timer off.  When I got home, my pressure cooker was still cooking.  Luckily I had soup in it, but there sure wasn't much left, it all cooked away!  This is one thing you don't want to do with a pressure cooker, it could of exploded!!

He aways says he did just what I told him to do!  Now you know why I need to be more specific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary Bergfeld said...

This is a great idea. I hope your grand daughter does well in the competition and that you get to enjoy the company of your daughter as well as a change of pace. Have a wonderful trip. Blessings...Mary