Thursday, December 29, 2011


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and also Happy New Year to everyone!  I had a wonderful Christmas with everyone at my house on Christmas Eve.  Lots of good food and loved having the family over.  The kids always have presents to open so they are always sooo excited.

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday here in Mansfield, Ohio.  I put on my coat and decided to walk around the yard and I could not believe my eyes.  My flowers are all starting to poke through the ground.  Even my rose bushes had new shoots and leaves on them.  This usually does not happen until April, so I am a little bit concerned.  We have had some pretty mild weather and just had our first real snow on Tuesday.  I hope this does not hurt my flowers.

I have been putting away all of my Christmas decorations.  Eveything is down and packed away for another year. When Christmas is over, I am ready to get the mess cleaned up and put away.   Now I just have to clean again and straighten everything back up.  I have a lot of tubs that I pack everthing into.  My husband told me one year that I just have way to much stuff, so I bought all these tubs to keep everything organized.  He really has no idea what I have.  hehe!!!  Here is a picture now that I have it put away.  It just takes up one small end of the wash room.  It is all nice and neat and he is happy.  I know it looks like a lot, but there are other holidays besides Christmas!  I decorate for Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, and Thansgiving also!!  All my tubs are marked and I just very sweetly ask my husband if he would bring up the tubs for what ever holiday I need.  He usually doesn't grumble to much!  Does anyone else have any organization tips that they use?

Well, I need to go get the rest of the cleaning finished so I can finally sit down for a change.  I have my usual two grandchildren all day today, so probably won't get much done!  I just wanted to let you know that soon I will be back to sewing!! Yeah!!  Cindy