Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Material Department Coming Back To Walmart!!

I just heard some really great news!  My daughter is associated with Walmart and she got to see the new store plans.  They are putting back the material section in all the stores!!  She told them how happy her mother would be.  She said they will still keep the precut section also!  I was always running into Walmart for thread, elastic, or this or that!  This just made my day and I had to share with all you sewers out there!!  Yeah Walmart!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Weeks Sewing Project!

When you sew, you become very versatile.  Some ladies just quilt, but I sew everything.  As you can see in the picture below, I am going to try and repair this canvas cover for my brother.  This goes over a swing that sets in his backyard and it has torn.  It is rather large and it would be a pricey cost to replace.  I will be showing pictures on how I will repair this and save him some money.  I also use this same technique for jeans, dress pants, shirts or any article of clothing that has a rip in it.  It makes a nice clean repair and really blends in nicely with clothing.  Well here goes!  P.S. My brother is a plumber and helps us out all the time, so I am always happy when I can repay him with a little sewing!!

Continue down the page to see the sewing directions !!

Torn Canvas Swing Cover Repair

Well, this was a pretty simple project.  When you have to make a repair on any clothing like this, always try and sew it BEFORE you wash it.  After you wash it, your seams will not match together as nicely. 

The first thing I did, since this is a very heavy canvas, was I pinned the first seam together and used my ironing board as the pin cushion.  I then sprayed the seam with a temporary adhesive and added a patch of material to it for more support.  This was my backside. (Now when I do this for regular seams, such as jeans, I just use a piece of iron on interfacing to the back of the tear to hold it together.)  I had to use something different for this project because you will be able to see the repair from both sides.   Now I was able to carry this to my sewing machine with the seam held together exactly where it needs to be.  I attached an open toe foot to my machine, so I can see where I am sewing. 

The stitch that I use is usually available on most machines.  It is called a multiple zigzag stitch.  Many years ago, this was always called a mending stitch.  I guess they changed the name because no one mends anymore!  Ha Ha!!  You have to set the stitch so it sews very close together.  My setting was 0.10  If you are doing this for a regular project, you would not have to be quite that close together.  I used the 0.10 because it was a very heavy canvas and I needed the support.
I trimmed the material away from the seam on the back side after I sewed it because this side will show also. 

Above is a picture of the stitch up very close and below is the finished project.  It turned out really nice and I don't think it will be noticeable at all, unless you are really looking for it!  I think my brother will be happy with it.