Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Sew Outdoor Chair Cover!

My husband and I purchased some new wicker lawn furniture last fall when it was reduced for closeout.  The cushions were in a red sunbrella material.  Even though I new this would not match my front porch, I planned on making new covers.  No Biggie Right??  Well, when I started looking for material to make the new covers, I found out that I did not like the prices.  Anywhere from $20.00 a yard to $40.00.  These covers would of cost more than what I paid for the furniture. 

I guess I should tell you that my front door is Lavender, and red cushions, just would not go.  I really did not want to invest that much money, nor did my purse. 
My husband said "Oh they're fine!"  Well you know how men are.  It doesn't matter if it clashes!  I still wanted to make some covers, so I thought maybe I could just put some sort of sheer material over them or eyelet.  then I came up with the idea to find a curtain or tablecloth in eyelet and see what I could with that.

I went to our local discount store and found a set of curtains and a tablecloth that I liked and here is what I did.  I just turned over the cushions and just sewed them around the cushions in a lace up fashion. It really toned down the red and blends perfectly!  I didn't even ruin the curtains, so some day, it might be hanging somewhere else!  Well here is the final results and I am very happy with it.  Even my husband said, "Hey, I really like that"!.  Best compliment ever!

FINAL PRICE!!!!!  Wait for it!!  Wait for it!!!    $3.50!!  What a deal!!


Enid said...

What a great idea and a thrifty one at that!
Your porch looks very inviting and comfortable.
I enjoy your videos and blog very much, they are very informative.

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Patio Chair Covers said...

Love the patio chair covers! They definitely add character to your patio.

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