Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dritz Ezy-Hem Sewing Tool

I had several ladies asking what tool I was using to make the curtains for my grandson's room.  It is called the "Dritz Ezy-Hem.  I have had this for years and years.  On one side it has markings to hem on a curve, and the other side, it has markings to put in a straight hem.  You just fold up your material to the line and press in your seam.  It sure helps to get things even.  What I was doing in the pictures to make the curtains, was folding over my material to the 1/2 inch mark and pressing.  I did this all the way down the curtain.  You do have to watch your little fingers because if you touch the edge of the ezy-hem where you just pressed, it will be hot.  Just always remember to pick it up from the opposite end. 


I also found the Dritz Ezy-Hem for sale on Amazon for a really goood price.  If anyone is interested, at this price, just click on this tab below. 


Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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James Gerber said...

Great idea. I have enjoyed my machine and I love hearing what other people use and love. This was such a wonderful idea!!
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James Gerber said...

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