Friday, May 27, 2011

Serger Bath Mat Directions

                                                      Serger Bath Mat Directions

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Purchase three large bath towels.

I trim off all of the sewn sides of the bath towel so nothing is left but the terry cloth material.  For the size of bath mat that I made, you need 40 squares cut 6" X 7".

I cut 13 squares of two colors and 14 squares of the one remaining color.  This equals out to 40 squares. 

The bath mats finished size is approximately.21" X 32".

Serge 20 squares together in the pattern of your choice for the top of the bath mat and repeat for the 20 squares left for the bottom.  After you have the top and bottom made, put right sides together and serge around edges leaving an 8" opening for turning right side out. 

Turn bath mat right side out and sew  8" opening closed by hand.  I also do a small tack stitch by hand in a few of the corners of several squares to hold the back and front together.


If you run into the problem while serging that the bottom square is longer that the top square you can use your differential feed to adjust the difference.  What I do is turn my differential feed up all the way to 2.2.  What this will do is pull that bottom square in tighter.  Take several stitches and measure again.  When you see that the top square and the bottom square are now even, you can set your differential feed back to the original setting of 1.0 - this also works the opposite way.  If the top square is longer than the bottom square, then turn the differential feed to 0.5, take  a few stitches and when the top and bottom square are even again, then set the differential feed back to original position of 1.0  .

Remember the higher number tightens and the lower number loosens your bottom layer. 


Anonymous said...

GREAT IDEA for my grand daughter's dorm and our home. I, especially, liked what you showed about the differential!
Love the way it is "reversable" for her!

Cynthia said...

Your right, this would be great for a dorm!! Nice little gift to give to a high school grad to take to college.

Anonymous said...

Love this project and your great direction. Thank you for sharing!

Netty said...

Thank you very much for the illustration.i want to use material which has a velvet feel . Should I use thin batting or thin form rubber

MarkD said...

6 x 7 is a rectangle. Why not a square? And which way do you turn these when sewing together?