Thursday, April 28, 2011

Passed Down Sewing Basket Is Like A Treasure Chest!

A friend of my husband's grandmother passed away.  He knew that I sewed, so he asked if I would like to have her sewing basket.  Would I??  YES! YES! YES!  Little did he know what a treasure chest this is to someone who sews.  I found very old scissors, seam rippers, thread, buttons, patches with a tube of glue and my favorite find was this "Crazy Daisy Winder".  I looked it over and had no idea what it was for.  Off to the internet I went and what did I find, but a very old book on Ebay for the Crazy Daisy Winder.  It was copyrighted in 1948 and had a 35 cent price tag on the book.  I just had to have it!!!!  I could not wait for it to arrive and get started.  You wrap your crochet thread from one post to the other back and forth and then do a weaving stitch to hold it all together.  When you are finished, you turn the knob on top of the winder and it pulls in the posts sticking out that you wrap the thread around and it releases your daisy.  Soooo Cute!!  I have been playing and here are a few pictures.  I made one with crochet thread, another with plastic craft lace and one with velour yarn.  They are all so cute and I am thinking of many ways to use them.  I also included a picture from the book.  You can see that they made a purse which I really think I must have, and her beret and blouse which they called a "Vestee".  I can only crochet basic stitches, so I am going to have to brush up on some of these techniques.  The daisy is suppose to make crocheting a garment much faster because you just attach the daisys together with crochet stitches inbetween.  All I can say is "thank you Grandma Duncan for sharing your treasures"!!

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